New Version of the Template Google Sheet Template for agile scrum projects

Today we want to share with you we have released a new version of the Google Sheet Template for Agile and Scrum projects.

You can request your copy of this Template in this form

What is changing?

  • Automatic archive of finished tasks
  • Users can change their user info (Email)
  • Bug fixing

This is a brief summary of the features implemented:

  • Product Backlog Management
  • Manage Tasks
    • Task Categorization
    • Detailed description of Tasks using your document template
    • Assign Tasks to team members
    • Priorities and Estimations
    • Define your custom task states and categories
    • Archive done tasks automatically
  • Manage Sprints
    • Names, Dates, etc
  • Define Team members
  • Automatic System Columns
    • Created Date
    • Created By
    • Modified
    • Modified By
    • Task Completed Date
  • Notifications
    • When a tasks are completed or in any state you define
    • When a tasks is assigned to a team member
  • Reporting
    • Automatic Reports by Sprint
    • Overall status of the project
    • Pending tasks and efforts to finish the sprint
  • Audit Log to see changes in the project sheet

For more details you can have a look here Google Sheet Template for agile scrum projects reporting automations

Fernando López

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