GIGI, the virtual assistance chatbot

Hello, I am. Gigi, I am here to help you solve your clients’ requests. Do not worry. I will take care of them.

Gigi is a robot designed to optimize relationships between companies and their customers. Thanks to Google’s artificial intelligence and rich interface service, it will be able to seamlessly execute virtual assistant tasks, chat with users naturally, schedule appointments, discuss prices, products, and services.

Why does your business need a chatbot like Gigi?

Many companies and businesses are betting on chatbots as models of digital communication that allow them to improve business efficiency and customer service, because it is designed to be able to execute tasks independently, without the need for human intervention.

The bot is capable of holding a conversation with customers and guiding them, so that they can get what they are looking for, regardless of the day and time. Gigi´s goal is to save time and make things simpler and more practical for customers.

Quick resolutions of incidents: The chatbot operates 24/7

Lead Generator: Automatically requests information user data to create a database and expand the possibilities of reaching new customers

Streamlines communication processes between companies and their customers

Bot customization: We called it Gigi, but companies can give it another name and another face that better represents the values of the brand

Use case: Ulysses

During the economic crisis in Spain that began in 2008, thousands of young people were forced to migrate in search of better job opportunities. Currently, the Government of Spain, with the aim of encouraging the return of these migrants, has developed the Return Plan in order to provide them with better conditions and facilitate the process of return.

Evenbytes joined this initiative, putting all the technological machinery and know-how to provide a solution to the personal, professional and administrative barriers these people face in their return process.

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For what type of companies is bot useful?

All companies or businesses that need to be in constant communication with their customers can do it more easily with this virtual assistant.

  • Real estate
  • Insurance companies
  • Health and beauty centers
  • Clinics, offices
  • Chatbot for service companies

If you want to improve customer service and need the help of a chatbot like Gigi, write to us at, we will evaluate your needs to give you a solution.