AppSheet, rapid mobile application development without code

What is Appsheet?

Appsheet is a platform that allows creating applications without writing any line of code. It provides you several features that make applications very user friendly and powerful such as:

Offline capability. Allows your users to fulfill data in a form or access your application even if the mobile has no network at all.

QR Codes & NFC. Scan NFC or read QR codes to simplify the access to your application for end users.

Integration with maps. Create attractive views displaying a map and localize the device on it.

Notifications. Send notifications in real time, via push notifications or email to mobile devices.

Reports & Dashboards. Display data in charts to simplify the access to the key information.

Works on any device. Your applications will work for any device (Android, IOS, and computer browsers) anywhere!

Add your business logic. You can use expressions to define rules and digitize your business logic into the application.



Appsheet empowers creators to digitize and transform any business process into a digital environment, automatizing tedious tasks, and simplifying the analysis of the data.

You will have full control over your process end to end, since the data capture via Appsheet forms till the business intelligence.

Here you have some typical business process that can easily digitized

AppSheet helps you to simplify the data lifecycle in your application:

Capture data

This is a key success factor for any application, simplify at maximum the way to input data into the application. Appsheet helps you in this area:

  • Simplify data capture with your mobile. Your application will be able to capture information using all mobile capabilities, Take a photo, Log the GPS position, or notify your users in real-time.
  • Works Offline. It doesn’t matter if your device is connected to the internet when you need to add data, it works.

Transform data

Appsheet is able to generate powerful reports thanks to the expressions used in the reporting module.

  • Join data from different data sources. Usually, the data required for a concrete application has different sources of data, Google Sheets, SQL Databases, Manual data introduced by the user. AppSheet is able to access a variety of different data sources.

Validate data

Very often when someone inputs data into an application, it requires that somebody else review and validate this data. This can be done with the workflow module and notifications. You can trigger Workflow actions when any of those actions happen:

  • A new row is added to a table
  • The value in a specific field of a row is updated to a particular value
  • An existing row is deleted from a table.

Explore results

Thanks to the dashboard module, you will be able to generate charts to explore the data in your application and take better decisions.

Appsheet Introduction Video