Benefits of Google Suite for enterprises

Even though this service is usually related with email storage for professionals, Google Suite is made up by a bunch of tools that ease the cohesion and integration of enterprises’ work, in a dynamic way and adapted to the new needs of the environment, derived from the continuous development in technology. 

We can sum up the main benefits of implementing Google Suite in your company in the following statements:

  • It is easy to use and quite intuitive.
  • It is familiar for workers, as it is likely that  they have previously used some Google tools, like Gmail.
  • There is a guarantee of compatibility between devices.
  • It has no inactivity periods: it is always available.
  • It is quite affordable.
  • Is has the guarantee of owning the highest security level in the market. 

It eases work and internal organization. Moreover, these tools provided by Google Suite help companies to enhance their performance and, therefore, customer experience, improving communication and the provided services. 

Most popular tools


Probably you already know this tool. However, with Google Suite you will obtain the amplified version of it and advertisements will be removed. 

Another main benefit of paying for Google Suite is that the employees of your company will have their own email directions, including the company’s domain name instead of

Google Drive

Its main benefit is that it allows you to store all your company’s documents in the cloud, so you are able to access them from every device. Also, you can easily share them with the rest of the team or just a few colleagues, so they can also visualize and/or edit those documents. 

Google Slides, Google Docs y Google Sheets

These tools allow you to create native Google Drive documents (they are not within its storage limit). They are also compatible with a bunch of other external formats such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF, etc. and it also allows you to export documents to those formats. 

Moreover, apart from all the well-known benefits derived from these type of documents, Google Drive allows you to leave and see comments up-to-the-minute, as you are working directly in the cloud. These tools also save a version record, so you can keep track of the changes made on those documents and go back easily. 

Google Forms

They are forms integrated with the rest of tools at Google Suite and they help collecting information in a convenient and appealing way. 

Google Calendar

Essentially,  it is a great ally to organize your agenda. Moreover, you can visualize the agenda of your colleagues. which eases the organization of meetings among teams in an autonomous and very convenient way.

Google Keep 

With Google Keep you can create notes and lists, and share them with other users. This way, you can, for example, create a note about something that you want to remind. As the rest of Google Suite tools, Google Keep will synchronize in all your devices. 

Google Hangouts Chat & Meet

They improve both internal and external communication. In the chat you can open individual conversations as well as groupal, so teams can communicate in a more direct and quick way than just sending emails. 

With Google Meet  you can make calls and videoconferences. You can also coordinate them with Google Calendar and access to them directly through this tool or through an invitation that you will receive in your Gmail. Moreover, it has the option of telephone dialing, to provide a better experience to the users of this tool.

G suite Admin Console

Administrators or owners of the domain can administer all the associated accounts, groups, the purchased plan, etc. All of these in an easy and efficient way directly from this tool.