Metadrive is a solution developed by Evenbytes, that allows firms to save time when looking for internal information. But, how does it work?

Using Metadrive benefits every firm size and sector. However, we are going to proceed explaining its application for a specific case faced by an accounting firm or department. It can be easily understood by everyone; as, from now and then, everyone has to deal with the management of invoices, either being the receptor or the one issuing them.

You can start trying Metadrive here.Imagine that you are a service provider and you issue 50 invoices regarding the services you provide to you clients every month. You store them in a Shared Drive inside the organization. However, Google does not give you the option of creating labels (metadata) for documents, so you can easily identify or filter them by relevant characteristics like issuing date, status of payment, client, etc. These functionalities are provided by Metadrive.

This is relevant when, for example, you are in a team of 5 people at the accounting department and you want to check if any of your colleagues have issued a specific invoice. Moreover, you can easily filter the invoices, making use of the advanced filtering functionality, by payment status. This way you can quickly see, out of your clients, which are the ones that have already paid for the service you provided and which are the ones pending on payment. 

Moreover, you can create and apply several custom views to see just some specific “labels” of your documents. For example, you can create a view that combines the date in which the invoice was issued, the client involved and the payment status. In the same view, you can order them by date or status, as you can see in the following picture. 

You can apply dynamic filters to this view, so you just see the invoices created a specific number of days previous to the actual date (picture below). For example, just the ones that were issued during the last 90 days. 

The activity log functionality also provides a clear advantage to this particular case, as you can easily have track of the changes made at the properties, folders and/or documents; specifying date, time and the user who made them. As an example, you can see when the property ‘status’ of an invoice changed from “pending” to “paid” and who made that change in case you want to consult any concern about that client with that colleague. 

Metadrive is also integrated with Google Drive Comments so you cannot only see the comments previously written from Google Drive, but also add more observations, edit them, solve, etc. and everything without having to move to Google Drive! 

All in all, Metadrive benefits every type of firm and department. Eventhough we have just seen its application for the management of invoices, we can easily subtract that many other daily activities can be boosted by taking advantage of the functionalities Metadrive provides. If you are interested in Metadrive, we offer 10 licences for free so you can try it.